Cloth Menstrual Pads

  • Contoured Liners: These pads are great for very light days. They are also suitable for those last few months of pregnancy when some women need daily pantyliners. The contour shape of these pads hold them nicely into your panties without the need for “wings”. They consist of 2 layers of soft, durable Hemp/Organic Cotton Fleece and are approximately 8.5″ in length and 2 1/2″ at the narrowest point across the middle. These are also great additional layers when placed inside our regular pads on heavier days.
  • Winged Liners: Same absorbency layers as our contours, but they have wings that wrap around the panties and snap closed, adding a little more protection. Approx. 8″ long.

Contoured Liners:


Winged Pantyliners:

regular_pad_view_3_350wide These pads are all constructed of a 2 layer hemp/organic cotton fleece base that wraps around the panties and snaps. Attached to this base is a tri-fold layer, providing 5 total layers of protection when folded.

  • Mini pads are approx. 6″ long
  • Regular Pads are approx. 8″ long
  • Long Pads are approx. 10″ long