Household Hemp Cloth

Hemp/Organic Cotton Fleece makes a perfect alternative to disposable paper towels and cleaning rags. It is naturally anti-microbial, cleans easily, and is extremely durable. Moon Bees’ Household Hemp cloths are made in three sizes: 4×6, 8×8, and 11×11. All sizes are TWO LAYERS of fabric. Each size is approx 1/2-1″ larger than the listed measurement to allow for further shrinking over the next 3-5 washes. You will find that your cloths become fluffier after the next few washes.


Unless otherwise noted, all cloths are serged with white/off-white thread along the edges. Custom colors are $2 per order and may add an additional 3-4 days processing time. To place a custom order, please checkout with your desired quantity below and then add the fee using the separate listing at the end of this page.



4×6 cloths are for small jobs. A quick baby wipe, small kitchen spills, a child’s washcloth, face washing, family wipes.

8×8 can handle bigger jobs. Full size baby wipe, full size adult washcloth, fold it in thirds for an extra layer in your cloth menstrual pads, also folded in thirds can work as a newborn or very small cloth diaper insert, perfect size for kitchen and bathroom cleaning and dusting.

11×11 is a true “un-paper towel”, comparable in size to a standard paper towel. These make GREAT dish-drying towels and inserts for most cloth diapers! Need an easy post-partum pad? Just fold it in thirds as you would for a cloth diaper insert.

Custom Orders, additional $2 per ORDER, not per cloth: